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Skill development center heads – Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh – Over 5 years of experience in managing training institutes in a multi location environment

Culture at SkillPro

Every organization has a life of its own. It can be embodied in the way it communicates, behaves and does things. To put it simply, it is “culture” that makes an organization stand out. Culture makes all the difference in the organization becoming a “good” organization or a “great” organization.

You are known through your culture:

SkillPro believes that One’s culture is one’s face to the outside world and hence it is important to work in a milieu where they feel at home. Employees are also encouraged to give inputs and feedback to cultivate a team environment. Work at SkillPro is primarily based on five ‘P’s that emphasize the corporate philosophy.


To achieve the preferred result, it is extremely imperative to coordinate the individual goals of the employees with those of the organization and the customers. Employees play a dynamic role in leadership and growth of the company by involving themselves at all levels of decision-making.

Process Improvements

SkillPro believes in constantly improving their processes to augment our service quality or cycle time or both, while meeting the customer expectations.

Project Interests

We strongly believe in protecting the interests of a project.

Prioritization & Implementation

Tasks are prioritized in order of importance to improve the speed of implementation.

People Interests

Worker friendly programs such as career development, performance assessment, conflict resolution, training and recognition programs are done to ensure the well being of our employees. They are the company’s most valuable resources and we value them.

Employee Growth

Employee’s prosperity highlights the tangential growth of our organization.

Higher Variety of Tasks Performed:

New challenges, learning and development beyond current levels enable productivity to perfection.

Importance to both personal and professional life:

SkillPro realizes the fact that personal and professional lives need to perfectly blend for a happy living. Provisioned flexibility in the work hours, work location foments this in the best possible way. Also, thoroughly analyzed deadlines ensure healthy work progress ensuring quality end results.

Performance Assessment:

Vital decisions pertaining to career development and hikes to professionals are based on periodic performance evaluations. The main idea here is to enable employees to evaluate their jobs, standards and discover ways and ideas for enrichment.

Open Work Culture:

Knowledge transfer sessions in tune with transparent work policies stimulate understanding and empowerment. Productive feedback from peers and managers, individual ownership of tasks and decision-making access pertaining to work progress reflect out positive and proactive work culture. This nurtures the opportunity to fulfill customer needs even before they articulate them.