What you get

Recruitment & Training

Recruitment & Training partner

Reduced cost of Training

Reduce training costs – outsourced training & no salaries during training

Better Candidate Assessment

Improved recruitment – Assess the candidate for few months before recruitment

Life, Learning & IT Skills

Improved employee skills – Life & Learning skills & IT skills

Finishing School Model

Improve Employee productivity – Customized training based on job requirements

Just in Time Hiring

Recruit where and when needed – “Just In Time” hiring across all locations in India

Our Key Value Proposition

Cost saving by outsourcing training & recruitment
National recruitment reach through SkillPro centers
High quality output

Tech based Training & Monitoring

“Triggering candidates interest for training”

Use of multimedia in training
Videos and live demos for easy understanding
Trainer and trainee hand books for reference
Possibility of remote learning for a wider reach
Center & Student Monitoring through iManage
Job fulfillment and tracking through SkillJobs

SkillPro Foundation

SkillPro’s core management team comes with 200+ man years of corporate management experience. The core team of SkillPro has rich experience in conducting large scale training programs, research, impact assessment studies, evaluation studies etc on various issues concerning rural and urban development like livelihoods, education, natural resource management etc. SkillPro has a team of more than 200 professionals. The key expertise that the team offers includes the following:

Be part of SkillPro’s mission of helping less privileged become privileged

Create maximum impact for your CSR through SkillPro’s livelihood training programs.

Creative communication, documentation and designing

Contribution to building the training infrastructure by giving away infra like computers, furniture, training equipment, etc

Furniture & Training Equipment
Skill Training
(CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility

All You Need Solutions

“Industry –Institute –Interface – candidates and partner team visit mutually
for effective training”

Working Model

“Industry –Institute –Interface – candidates and partner team visit mutually
for effective training”

Customized curriculum
Customized training
Existing SkillPro training
centers could be readily used
Training facility of the partner
can be an option