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What We Did

SkillPro provides research and analytics projects by using scientific methodologies and techniques to find solutions to existing problems in livelihood, skill & rural development sector.

Skill gap studies and district development plan studies conducted at more than 55 locations across India.


Obtain solutions to problems through exploring cause and effect relationships between variables
Develop generalizations, principles and theories for predicting future occurrences
Gather empirical data/evidences for verifying knowledge and adding to existing body of knowledge
Establish new methodologies, processes and frameworks for improving quality of life of rural communities
Influence the policy makers towards making conducive policies for the poor and marginalized communities

Case Studies

Related to Component-I of the Andhra Pradesh Community Based Tank Management Project

More than 1,00,000 farmers were covered

Conducted survey work in the states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Punjab, Haryana and Sikkim

Guarantee Program (NREGA) in Chittoor District in Andhra PradeshConducted evaluation of various activities along with district administration

Impact assessment of 73 watersheds (DPAP and IWDP) of 2002-05 batch in Madhya Pradesh and 43 watersheds of 1998-2002 batch in Tamil Nadu

Understand the status and assess the capacity development needs and prepare a comprehensive plan to address the needs

SkillPro has conducted a study for YASHADA on availability and access of credit to Muslim community in Maharashtra

The study was conducted in 4 districts of Andhra Pradesh i.e. Anantapur, Karimnagar, Nalgonda and Warangal

SkillPro has undertaken the minor irrigation census in states of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Punjab

SKillPro has is conducting a baseline survey in Dharbandora and Usgaon villages for preparation of a detailed development plan. The study aimed at skill mapping of the villages and assessing the current status of vocational education

SkillPro has conducted a study for mapping of local and grass root NGOs in Purnea district, Bihar. The assignment was conducted for Aga Khan Foundation (AKF)

SkillPro has undertaken a study on evaluating the preparatory phase of IWMP watersheds

Done for existing CII skill training centers in Chindwara district, Madhya Pradesh

SkillPro has conducted detailed market survey at Kurnool and Warangal to assess employment opportunities in the area

SkillPro has conducted a detailed market survey at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh and Angul, Orissa to assess the employment opportunities in the area

SkillPro undertook comprehensive skill mapping study in Vishakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh in association with Brandix and IL&FS-CD

Green Post Tsunami Action was implemented by Humana People to People India and Ecoventure in collaboration with Practica foundation

SkillPro will undertake evaluation of the biogas project in Dausa district, Rajasthan. The evaluation is being undertaken for Humana People to People India (HPPI) and UFF, Finland

SkillPro has conducted a detailed market survey at Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh and Sirsa, Haryana.

Hyderabad on an assignment for development of a comprehensive monitoring and reflection tool for tracking behavioral changes at the village level in two districts of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka

SkillPro is undertaking a third party evaluation of minor irrigation sources in Warangal district, A.P

SkillPro will undertake a client satisfaction survey for Meeseva services, in Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh

District development plan

Analysis and recommendations on critical features of growth of any specified location

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